When an insured suffers a property loss, the insurance policy requires the insured to comply with many "conditions" under that policy. Presenting a claim for a major property loss, to your best benefit under that policy, requires professional knowledge and exact detail so as to maximize your recover in a minimum amount of time.

An insurance company and their claim representatives view a loss in perspective that will minimize their exposure and final cost. Regardless of "goodwill" and "public image", the main concern of an insurance company is the "bottom line." How much will they be obligated to pay? Insurance companies make their money by collecting premiums, not by paying losses, and can find ways to be resistive and delaying.

When an insurance company is presented with a detailed, documented, professionally prepared insurance claim that is all encompassing, they are given specific reasons to consider all elements of the presentation. Inevitably, they will pay the maximum allowable under the policy. They will also be reluctant not to do so in a timely manner, accelerating your receiving settlement.

Some of the services we provide in connection with presenting your claim are:
  • Immediate damage assessment and advices for protection and security your property.
  • Detailed building and damage evaluation - replacement, actual cash value and loss.
  • Detailed building damage estimation presented in a manner used by insurance experts.
  • Detailed contents inventory and evaluation and loss.
  • Loss of Use evaluation (business income loss, living expense, rental loss, time element, extra expenses.
  • Demolition and debris removal evaluation.
  • Co-insurance calculations and requirements and valuations.
  • Assistance in preparing and presentation of various required forms, notices, etc.
  • Notice of "timely" filings of all documents.
  • Financial review of various elements of loss.
  • Advice as to the relationship of your policy coverage to your loss and your proper adherence to policy requirements.
  • Meetings with company representatives, experts, damage appraisers, company adjusters and others.
  • Advice on offers of settlement.
  • General insurance loss information and resolution of questions of insurance protection.
  • Consideration of elements of "Casualty Tax Loss" which your financial advisor or accountant may consider as a benefit to you as a tax write-off.
  • Assistance in compiling and producing a well prepared, coordinated, understandable claim presentation and documentation in an expedited manner per the policy.